Our Lord Don Quixote

Our Lord Don Quixote Miguel de Unamuno

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Our Lord Don Quixote (1905) by the Spain writer, philosopher and politician Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (1864–1936) is a special philosophical comment to Cervantes’s renowned The history of the valorous and wittie Knight-Errant Don-Quixote of the Mancha, an attempt to reveal some not observed by critics meaning. At the same time it is an independent work seeking in this literary monument rather a source of inspiration and perceiving it as a material for building its own philosophical conception. Here a frenzy is set against rationalistical vegetation of a middlebrow, dreams come true, the tremulous longing for eternity penetrates the inner world of an individual inducing him to seek a mainstay for his existence out of all possible horizons, and peoples arising above their dispersion venture to do their own heroic escapades.


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