On the occasion of the publication of the first Ukrainian translation of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (approx. 1343–1400), the Astrolabe Publishing organizes a promotional activity:

during June 20–30, 2019, our readers have the opportunity to purchase the book set with a discount up to –25% (15% is the main discount, plus a 10% discount for registered members of the Astrolabe Publishing Club): here

The Canterbury Tales came off the press in the refined translation by the famous Ukrainian scholar, poet, translator and public figure prof. Maksym Stikha within the framework of the project “Classical and Modern European Literature”, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.


This is a collection of stories told by pilgrims on a pilgrimage to the tomb of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury. The narrators include representatives of almost all strata of the English society of the time, and their stories, very diverse thematically, offer a good glimpse of their lifestyle. This is a kind of encyclopedia of the life of the medieval society. In addition to its brilliant and uniquely ironic style, this masterpiece creates a vibrant and infinitely kind account brimming with boundlessly faith in humankind and an extraordinary ability to admire even the most horrible traits its characters may exhibit.

The book is illustrated with fragments of the Ellesmere Manuscript (1410).

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