How to become a Club Member?

In order to become a Member of Astrolabe Publishing Club, you need to register at

During registration, you must fill in the following fields: last name, first name, e-mail, mobile phone number, and password. The user is responsible for filling in the data correctly.

Astrolabe Publishing does not provide personal data to third parties.

You can also log in via Google or Facebook if you have an account in these systems.

After registering and logging in to your personal account, go to the Club section. After reading the terms and conditions of the Club, click the “Become a Club Member” button and confirm your consent.

Benefits of staying in the Club

Discount system

In general, Astrolabe Publishing Club Members can achieve a discount of up to -20% on all printed publications. This discount consists of the following elements:

  • main discount -10%;
  • rating cashback up to -10%.

These discounts cannot be combined with other promotional offers on the Astrolabe Publishing website.

Main discount

The main discount of -10% is immediately available for all printed publications of Astrolabe Publishing for those customers who have registered in the Club, and this is indicated on the description page of each publication.

Rating cashback

When purchasing publications, Club Members may receive up to 10% of the final cost of their orders to their personal accounts. The final cost of the order is the amount you pay for the order, including all discounts, special offers and bonuses.

The accumulated cashback amount is displayed in your personal account in the “My Bonuses and Discounts” section. These funds can be used during the next orders (at the choice of a Club Member). The cashback period is unlimited, and cashback can be accumulated.

Cashback cannot be withdrawn, transferred to your own account or bank card, or transferred to another person.

Cashback is not credited for the cost of shipping your order as well as for electronic or audio publications, including those purchased through GooglePlay and iBooks.

A Club Member rating is reflected in five stars that will be filled in yellow depending on the total amount of purchased printed publications by Astrolabe Publishing. To fill one star, you need to purchase books worth UAH 5,000. One full star adds 2% to your cashback. After filling in all 5 stars, a Club Member will receive the 10% rating cashback.

Your rating grows only based on the final cost of your order: the amount that Club Members pay for their orders, when all discounts, special offers and bonuses have already been taken into account.

Your rating is displayed in your personal account in the “My Bonuses and Discounts” section.

Note 1. Club Members who registered in the Club before the development of its new version, having re-registered in the Club, immediately receive one star in their rating and, accordingly, 2% will be credited to their cashback amount.

Note 2. The amount of accumulation by rating can change depending on inflation, but this does not apply to the already earned rating.


  • Club members will be able to participate in prize draws;
  • Exclusive promotions will be available to Club members;
  • Club members will be the first to be informed about the new releases of the Publishing House, its plans and events.
That is why you need to provide your current email address so that you don’t miss a single newsletter!


Club privileges apply only to printed publications.


Other terms of membership in the Club

Astrolabe Publishing considers Club Members to be agents of goodwill.

In order to remain a Club Member, you must adhere to the terms of loyalty to Astrolabe Publishing and its activities, promote its activities to the extent of your own desire, and, among other things, be a recipient of newsletters (via e-mail, Viber, Telegram, etc.) without unsubscribing or complaining about them (as spam, etc.).

You can leave the Club at any time through your personal account (the “Club” section) by clicking the “Resign from the Club” button.

If a user leaves the Club or is excluded due to dishonest behaviour towards Astrolabe Publishing, he/she loses all the bonuses and rating he/she has acquired. An information letter regarding excluding from the Club is sent to the email address specified in the personal data.

You can renew your membership in Astrolabe Publishing Club by sending a request to In your request, you must indicate your ID (found in your personal account in the “Personal Data” section), mobile phone number and the reason for leaving/excluding from the Club. When the site administrator considers your request, you will receive a response regarding reinstatement/non-reinstatement in the Club. Consideration of the request may take from 1 to 5 business days.

If the excluding from the Club was due to dishonest behaviour towards Astrolabe Publishing, in particular, due to violation of the terms of membership in the Club, such reinstatement may be denied.

Payment procedure

Payment for the order is made on a full prepayment basis: to a PrivatBank card, according to the details or through the LiqPay system.

Payment can be made, in particular, through your personal account, the “Order History” section, by selecting the appropriate order.


The terms of the Public Offer, Delivery, and Return Policy for the Publishing House’s Club Members remain in force.

Astrolabe Publishing reserves the right to change and amend the terms and conditions of the Club. All changes come into force from the moment they are published on the Publishing House’s website in the “Club”.

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