The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac № 16

The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac № 16 Oleh W. Feschowetz, Alexander H. Diedyk, Mykhailo W. Slobodyanyuk, Mykola W. Chmyr, Mark von Hagen, Bohdan Halayko, Andriy B. Hrechylo, Yaroslav Y. Tynchenko

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Military and historic periodical (founded in 2009) aimed to consider important military and political events that produced a notable impact on development of culture and arts, science and technologies, and warfare in Ukraine.
In this issue: In this issue: the continuation of the story of the struggle for Galicia in 1809; a description of the course of military construction in the West Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1918–1920; about the actions of the 1st brigade of the Red Ukrainian Galician Army during the Polish assault against Kyiv in April 1920; about the widespread erroneous biographical data of General Józef Witoszyński in historiography; about the sabre design for the offi cers of the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1919; achievements and miscalculations in the introduction of new insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; review of Damian Markowski’s book Two Uprisings. The Battle of Lviv 1918.


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