Civil Law: Educational Accessory

Civil Law: Educational Accessory Kasuba Ya.

This manual gives an opportunity to learn the scheme of basic regulation in a group of legal relationships between physical persons and legal entities, a state and territorial communities, foreign states and other objects of law in accordance with theses of normative and legislative acts of Ukraine. Each chapter of the book contains theoretical part with the specific topical division as well as a glossary, several tests, a questionnaire, themes for essays, practical assignments and situational exercises. The manual is recommended for students who study in colleges of different educational forms and economic orientation, professional managers, scientists and lecturers, heads of state organizations and private enterprises, and for all other people interested in competent regulation of legal relationships in their life and professional activities.


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Product code: 00066

ISBN: 978-617-664-003-5

Publish year: 2011

Genre: Law, Tutorials

Age categories: Adult

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