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Apart from paper editions Astrolabe Publishing offers eBooks. They are low-cost, of high quality and adapted for reading on various devices. However please notice that you have a right to use a purchased example of an eBook only privately and on your own devices. Any subsequent unauthorized reproduction or distribution is a violation of Ukrainian and international law.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is often mentioned among the most malicious violators of copyright legislation. According to the data from GFK Ukraine the pirate segment of eBooks amounts to over 80%, and in 2013 Office of the United States Trade Representative in its report put Ukraine first among the countries that do not provide proper protection of intellectual property. Very often an ordinary theft is hidden in various supposedly beneficent projects.  However this irresponsible practice does much harm to the reputation of both Ukrainian publishing houses and their authors, throwing back development of our book market as well as discrediting us in the opinion of the world community.

Copyright rights in the eBooks presented on the Astrolabe Publishing’s website belong to the Astrolabe by virtue of the appropriate laws and treaties.

You may not use eBooks purchased from Astrolabe Publishing House for the purpose of gaining any direct or indirect benefit, alter them, perform them in public, transmit free on air or off air, in any way distribute or provide access to them for any third party or make references to allow such access without prior written permission of the Astrolabe Publishing or other appropriate agreement.

Any illegal use of its publications will be rigorously prosecuted by Astrolabe Publishing according to both Ukrainian legislation (Law of Ukraine On Copyright and Related Rights) and International Law (Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works). In the case of distribution of such publications on the Internet and social networking services, the Publishing House will prosecute such attempts under the appropriate sections of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and European Union Copyright Directive. The Publishing House reserves its civil right to claim damages for such illegal use.

That said, we would rather rely upon you, our dear readers, to behave honestly and responsibly, and to refuse to abuse Astrolabe eBook publications in any way.

Currently the eBooks of the Astrolabe Publishing are represented in the EPUB format which is readable on most devices.

There are many free programs which can help you to open this format, in relation to the device and operating system being used by you. Below we give a brief information on some software for various devices and OS.

For Windows (PC) ― Adobe Digital Editions. Download here.

For Macintosh (PC) ― Adobe Digital Editions. Download here.

For Android ― PocketBook (comfortable for viewing text and illustrations) чи UBReader (comfortable for viewing text). Download using Google Play Market on your mobile device.

For iPhone ― iBooks. Download using iTunes on your mobile device.

For Windows mobile ― ePub Reader. Download here or using Microsoft Store on your mobile device.

After installing an appropriate program on your device, you must import the file of a purchased eBook in this program.

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