Updated the website of Astrolabe Publishing

Dear visitors of our website and our admirers!

We are glad to present to you our new website. In its previous form it served us for a long time, and yet over the years it became unable to fulfill its new functions being now a call of the times. Russian hackers’ attacks forced our work to some extent, as also, first of all, the grant through the courtesy of European Bank of Reconstruction and Development with cost-sharing reimbursement: we are immensely grateful for that!

We tried to adapt our new website to the modern devices maximally, automatized our work with clients, offered the convenient ways of payment of orders, presented here all spectrum of our work as wide as possible. If you have some comments concerning its work, then e-mail us, please, with an address: info@astrolabium.com.ua

Together with you we will continue to create the world of Ukrainian books!

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