Until January 20, 2024 year inclusive, you can buy our books at a discount of up to 60%!

Here you will find children’s and youth works, as well as books on history, psychology, philosophy, and, of course, military literature. These includes John Tolkien’s warm The Father Christmas Letters and his other books, including The Hobbit in various printed versions, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. These are also the top European teenage thrillers Erebos and Saeculum by Ursula Poznanski, which will entertain your children well and at the same time make them think. These are also the recently published books by Irish authors: Star of the Sea by Joseph O’Connor, The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan, The Secret Rose by William Butler Yeats, City of Bohane by Kevin Barry. These are also masterpieces of high literary classics, such as the complete collection of works by Catullus or ancient Greek women’s poetry, the latest translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, the first translation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, or Friedrich Schiller's novel The Ghost-Seer. These are also examples of the best European fiction, such as the works of Jacek Dukaj; and Karl May’s adventure novels, beloved by many since childhood; and exquisite love and historical prose, such as Love Alone by Laurence Plazenet or The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer.

Astrolabe Publishing is the first Ukrainian publishing house that specializes in military literature, and so it has been for a long time — since 2009. So here you will find books from the Command Officers’ Library series, which are designed to contribute to the defence capability of our country, and the first Ukrainian military periodical — the Lviv Military Almanac Citadel.

And there is also a unique annotated and illustrated Ukrainian translation of the Memoirs by Marshal of Finland Carl Mannerheim, and extremely important in the history of psychology the classic works by Carl Jung with professional comments, and modern works on depth psychology, such as Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore and History of Arrogance by Luigi Zoja. This is also a collection of works by Friedrich Nietzsche, and many other and no less interesting things in paper and electronic forms.

So don’t miss the chance to replenish your library with great publications!

Happy holidays and enjoy reading!

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