At 22nd Lviv Book Forum the Astrolabe Publishing will be housed on the ground floor of Art Palace, the stand # 109. For a detailed location map, see here.

You can acquaint yourself with our books and buy them at the courtyard of Pototsky Palace as well, tent # 52. For a location map, see here.

Actions of the Astrolabe Publishing during the operational period of 23nd Lviv Publishers Forum:

September 15, 15.00: Roundtable discussion "Ukraine and the First Ukrainian War of Independence . A discussion on new editions on the history of the First Ukrainian War of Independence in 1917–1921”. Participants: Mykola Lazarovych, Ivan Khoma, Alexander Diedyk, Andrii Rukkas, Mykhailo Kovalchuk, Vitalii Manzurenko, Oleh Feschowetz.  Moderated by Oleh Pavlyshyn. Location: Scientific Library of Ivan Franko Lviv National University (5 Drahomanov street, Lviv).

September 17, 18.00: Brainstorming “Preliminary promotion of little-known writers for Ukraine”. Participants: Oleksii Zhupanskyi (the Zhupanskyi Publishing), Oleh Feschowetz (the Astrolabe Publishing), Roman Hrytsun (“Magnum Opus” Art Association), Polina Horodyska (Litcentr). The launched discussion, which will be held by experts in the field of promotion of translations, must induce listeners and discussers themselves to look for new ways of advertising. Moderated by Herman Hoshkador and Lidia Reter. Location: “Book Lion” bookstore (6 Shevska street, Lviv).

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