Astrolabe Publishing is the winner of the Non-Fiction nomination

On September 20, at the 25th anniversary Book Forum, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Book Forum Best Book Award competition was held in the Lviv Regional Philharmonic. The book by Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway, We Were Soldiers Once... and Young: Ia Drang — the Battle that Changed the War in Vietnam, published by the Astrolabe Publishing in 2018, won the Non-Fiction nomination in this competition.

Not to mention the book We Were Soldiers Once... for the jury of the competition was difficult. It, first published in the US, has the status of the bestseller of The New York Times. It was written by the successful general of the US Army Harold Moore and the equally successful journalist/screenwriter Joseph Galloway.

Finally, the Ukrainian text of this book is also worth noticing. Only far from publishing activities people believe that the work with translated literature is a simple occupation. Please be assured that to do a good translation of a text from a foreign language is a rather unusual thing. And if you take into account the aspect that a text belongs to some professional field, then the translation craft belongs to force majeure all the more. Fortunately, the Astrolabe Publishing has specialists which are capable of making a professional translation of the book taking into account all the specifics of military terminology. The success of the Ukrainian edition of the book is due to the military historians Alexander Dedyk and Oleh Feschowetz and the young prospective translator Viktoria Dedyk.

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