Dear our readers and clients!

In the conditions of this war the Astrolabe Publishing works only in the mode of support of the minimum vital activity.

For more than 20 years, we have done everything in our power to develop Ukrainian culture and to promote our country's defense capabilities. However, today we are under attack by the enemy, who for centuries has been accustomed to using everything, including culture, primarily for the expansion and destruction of foreign cultures. Both the destruction of Ukrainian culture and the entire Ukrainian nation have always been its priorities. According to the modern definition of the enemy, it is our absolute enemy that questions our very right to exist. Now all possible illusions vanished like a morning mist, now the moment of truth came. The Russian Empire must be completely destroyed! We — or they!

First we need to win, completely liberate the occupied Ukrainian territories, help liberate our neighbors, and there will be time for everything else.

Some of our employees were forced to evacuate, some were drafted into the army, some are in some are volunteering, and many other major and minor complications make the company's efficient operation impossible. Therefore we can only respond very slowly to any requests. SO WE ASK FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

Together to Victory.


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