Commercial Diplomacy: Trade Policy and Law: Textbook

Commercial Diplomacy: Trade Policy and Law: Textbook

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The book is dedicated to analysis of the issues of commercial diplomacy, trade policy and law under the circumstances of international cooperation and globalisation. It covers the problems of commercial diplomacy and trade policy in the context of multilateral trade system, regional economic integration and bilateral relations. The book includes review of the principles of multilateral trade system, mechanism of the WTO functioning, rules on trade liberalisation, trade remedies, regulation of international trade in goods, services, products of sensitive industries. The authors examine the trade-related spheres: intellectual property, standards and technical barriers to trade, rules of origin, trade dispute settlement, competition policy, international investments, activity of multinational corporations, trade-related environmental issues, formulation and analysis of trade policy, trade negotiations, public consultations and public advocacy in trade policy, statistics of international trade. The actual problems of the multilateral trade negotiations in the WTO framework and the accession of Ukraine and other transition economies into the WTO are also analysed in detail.


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