On the easel of time

On the easel of time Liliya Mandziy

The history of Lviv Secondary School № 53 (now Foreign Languages Specialized Gymnasium «Prestige») is covered in the book on the basis of archived documents, bibliographic materials, memoirs of contemporaries. Some interesting facts of history of the educational institution’s microdistrict and surrounding streets are given through a prism of Lviv history.
The book is illustrated with archived draft s, drawings and documents as well as with historical and modern photographs.
For graduating students, students, teachers of Secondary School № 53 and all who is interested in history of Lviv.

Книга ілюстрована архівними кресленнями, рисунками та документами, а також історичними і сучасними світлинами.

Для випускників, учнів, учителів СШ № 53 та всіх, хто цікавиться історією Львова.


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ISBN: 978-617-664-036-3

Publish year: 2014

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

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