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Untimely lyrics of the age (Petro Chernyk) - Astrolabe Publishing
Untimely lyrics of the age

Untimely lyrics of the age Petro Chernyk

Petro Chernyk opens to readers with his first book Untimely lyrics of the age the modern philosophical and poetical vision of the world and man in this world. Today an army officer who saw death and measured the price of life with the scale of military duty can name, like no other, this price of human life being carved with love to a beloved one and a family, patriotic and civic position, balance of moral values. Here and there Petro Chernyk’s lyrics are hard and sincere that is in short supply nowadays.


Additional information

Product code: 00140

ISBN: 978-617-664-070-7

Publish year: 2015

Genre: Poetry

Age categories: Adult

Size: × см

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