Command Officers’ Library

A series of classical and modern works on the history of military art, strategy and tactics, as well as army manuals. For officers, sergeants, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as everyone who wants to improve their skills, properly prepare to defend their country against enemy aggression and increase their chances of survival.

The Command Officers’ Library

The Command Officers’ Library was founded in 2011 in cooperation with the Lviv Institute of Military History. The launch of this series was a reaction to the distinct tendency to neglect the military component in Ukrainian society, the irresponsible attitude of the intellectual class towards security issues, as well as the short-sighted and sometimes criminal policy of disarming the country, which was carried out by Ukrainian political elites since Ukraine gained independence. To date, 22 books have been published in this series. They are published in printed and electronic forms.

Available editions of the series can be seen on the website of Astrolabe Publishing in the section The Command Officers’ Library.

The series is designed to help improve the professional training of Ukrainian servicemen, promote the reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, motivate citizens to acquire military specialties, and also increase their chances of survival in battle. The importance of this series has grown significantly in the conditions of the current war, when the need to rapidly increase the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has come up against the limited capabilities of the current military training system.

Astrolabe Publishing became the first modern Ukrainian publishing house that undertook the systematic publication of military literature (in 2008) and during this time gathered around itself a group of highly qualified specialists. And today it remains, in fact, the only Ukrainian publishing house capable of publishing military literature at an appropriate professional level.

The most famous books of the series are the army manuals of the Swiss military expert Hans von Dach (Total Resistance and Combat Technique), which we started publishing in 2014 and the next volumes of which will be published in the near future.

These are also books that are included in the reading list of cadets of the most famous military educational institutions in the world (United States Military Academy, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr, etc.), as well as relevant army manuals that will help our servicemen adapt to modern weapons and training systems of NATO countries.

Equally important editions of the series are unique studies on the history of military affairs and military art in Ukraine.

During the existence of The Command Officers’ Library, more than 20,000 copies of this series, worth about 3 million UAH, were distributed free of charge to military personnel and civilians. We were able to do this both thanks to self-financing from the sales of these publications in bookstores, and thanks to the charitable contributions of our supporters.


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