The book series Midgard

The political circumstances of the past are largely responsible for the fact that Ukrainian-language editions of medieval and early modern literatures are almost fully absent in Ukraine. For this reason the Astrolabe Publishing began work on translation and publication of medieval poetical works. The publication of the first Ukrainian-language version of the seventh-century Anglo-Saxon epic named Beowulf (translated by Olena O’Lear, edited by Kateryna Shray and Oleh Feschowetz as scientific editors; this translation was awarded with Hryhorii Kochur Prize in 2012) and the new wonderful translation of the twentieth-century Old French epic The Song of Roland created by the classic of Ukrainian literature Igor Kaczurowskyj (edited by Olena O’Lear, compiled by Oleh Feschowetz) became the real historical events. And now the work on translation of the thirteenth-century South-German collection of verse Carmina Burana and the collection of German chivalric lyrics Minnesang is in progress.

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