The series of legendary army manuals by a Swiss military expert major Hans von Dach is published in Ukrainian for the first time. 

Hans von Dach (1927–2003) is the best known Swiss military theorist and tactician. His manuals is notable for their not only well founded and easy to understand exposition of the tactical educational material but also the author’s deep understanding of human psyche, ability to convince of necessity and justifiability of fight for one’s own and national freedom in all circumstances. Even when an enemy is considerably more powerful! That is what became one of basic reasons for the Astrolabe Publishing and the environment formed round the Lviv military almanac Citadel to publish the series of this author’s books under the conditions of the war waging today against us by Russia. The series includes the best known work by Hans von Dach ― Total Resistance (already published) as well as his manual Combat technique (in 8 volumes, being prepared for publication).

The edition of Hans von Dach’s works in Ukrainian is authorized by the rightsholder — HVD Buchverlag S.F.Trade GmBH, Zürich

ATTENTION! Books contain some effective armed, combat and defensive technics which, obviously, are dangerous, and their illegal application can have serious consequences and result in criminal pursuit. The edition should not be passed to the hands of the persons who have not attained the age of 18.

Summary of the books Total resistance (in 2 parts) and Combat technique (in 8 volumes of which volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 are each in 2 parts)

Operative, tactical and technical basics of guerilla, its organization and waging. Civil resistance movement. Counteraction to operations of guerilla. Command of subdivision and platoon. Combat actions in a settlement, forest and mountains, at night and in winter. Combating entrenchments. Combating prevailing hostile forces. Defeating diversionary attacks. Combating tanks at a short range. Combating airborne force. Attack and defence. Organizing defensive position. Antitank and antiaircraft defence. Artillery employment. Reserve force. Supply. Life on station. Conduct of defensive combat and its psychological aspects. Stationary combat actions. Infiltration. Fight for defiles. Wreaking destruction. Containment. Bearing the brunt of attack at main position of military forces. Retreat. Conduct of combat in hostile blockade. Nuclear weapon and tactics of its employment on a battlefield. Raid. Ambush. Attack. Barrier. Strong point. Guard. Operational reconnaissance. Commander as an example in combat. Mines. Explosive traps. Arrangement of passage-ways. Camp. Troop movements. Counterattack. Blocking an undestroyed bridge or street. Disguise. Entrenchments. Patrolling and observation points. Front and front-line zone. Quartering. Marching troops. Sanitary troops in combat. Uniform, supplies and equipment for combat.

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