Banking Law: Textbook for Students

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Product code: 00073

ISBN: 966-96118-5-7

Publish year: 2002

Genre: Law, Tutorials

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Amount: 222 pages

Size: 22×14.5 см

Banking Law: Textbook for Students
Ірина Заверуха

Iryna Zaverukha
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The textbook covers basic theoretical problems of banking law, the content and principles of banking activity; defines structural, organisational and functional characteristics of the banking system and its elements; legal regulations of the banking supervision and defence of the bank clients’ interests. The analysis of banking operations that make up the essence of banking activity is proposed. In particular, it concerns the legal relationship in the sphere of calculations realisation, banking credits and currency operations according to the legislation of Ukraine valid for the date of September 01, 2002. The main foundations of banking law of the USA are examined in the comparative aspects.
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