Street Fighting in Lviv. November 1–21, 1918. Part I

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Product code: 00204

ISBN: 978-617-664-141-4

Publish year: 2020

Series: The Command Officers’ Library

Genre: Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

Street Fighting in Lviv. November 1–21, 1918. Part I
Alexander Diedyk

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Armed conflict between Ukrainians and Poles in Lviv, November 1–21, 1918 expanded into a full-scale war between neighboring nations. However, it remains a rather obscured page of history. Wrapped in legends and myths, like an abandoned house with spider webs, it provides politicians with a reason to quarrel, and provokes scholars to debate «whether a confrontation between the Sich Riflemen and batiars was chivalrous?» At the same time, real secrets remain overlooked. Therefore, author thoroughly reconstructs those fateful events using newly discovered documentary sources, testimonies and memoirs. In particular, reader will find out who forced a resignation of Dmytro Vitovskyi and Hryhorii Kossak, and what for, could Colonel Yevhen Konovalets’ Sich Riflemen change the fate of battle, and was Colonel Hnat Stefaniv’s fateful decision to retreat from the capital of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic justified. November 1918 battle in Lviv are shaded by bloody hecatombs of Stalingrad in 1942 or Berlin in 1945. However, peculiarities of street fighting are still of interest, providing useful material for reflection over today’s events in Eastern Ukraine. Part One of this study covers the period from 7 AM, November, 1 to the late hours of November 9, 1918. The book is addressed to politicians, servicemen, researchers in military history, fans of the history of Lviv, and to those interested in the events of the Ukrainian War of Independence.
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