The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century

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Product code: 00220

ISBN: 978-617-664-173-5

Publish year: 2019

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 416 pages

Size: 20×13 см

The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century
Georgette Heyer

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It is the first novel of the Georgian era (the reign of the House of Hanover in Great Britain, 1714–1837) from a cycle of the famous British writer Georgette Heyer (1902–1974). Lord John Carstares, unfairly accused of fraud, is forced to leave England. Deprived of livelihood, he finds consolation and a solution to the problem in gambling and robbery which oft en resembles the story of the legendary Robin Hood. He lives on this occupation after his illegal return to his homeland, too. But his life took a sharp turn when he got in the way of the infamous «Devil», Duke of Andover, saving from his hands the charming Miss Diana Beauleigh.
About author
Georgette Heyer (1902–1974) is a well-known British writer, author of about forty historical and detective novels with distinctly romantic plots. She is considered the creator of the genre of Regency romance (set during the period of the British Regency, 1811–1820), but her works often refer to a much wider time period. More details
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