The Chortkiv offensive. Part IІ

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Product code: 00161

ISBN: 978-617-664-032-5

Publish year: 2016

Genre: Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

The Chortkiv offensive. Part IІ
Alexander Diedyk

The Chortkiv offensive of June, 7–28, 1919 is a brilliant episode of Ukrainian military history. Following a series of severe defeats, despirited Galician Army was cornered in a narrow strip of the homeland, and bitter end seemed to be inevitable. However, by superhuman eff ort Ukrainians managed to turn the scales, and despite a bitter lack of ammunition compelled their numerically superior and better equipped enemy to retreat.Enthusiasm caused by victory at Chortkiv was compared to that of Easter. Th is book is a result of more than 25-year study of this phenomenon. Strategical decisions and tactical battles are examined in correlation with international politics and complex internal situation of Ukraine using numerous archival sources from Ukraine, Poland, and other countries. Second part of the monograph covers battle of Berezhany, diplomatic collisions in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Lviv as well as their eff ect upon the battle actions in Galicia, relations between Western Region of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Directoria and the Bolsheviks, summarizes reforms initiated by general Hrekov, and describes the fi nal battles of Chortkiv off ensive on Upper Bug plain, in Holohory, at Hnyla Lypa and Svirzh. Author also examines controversial opinions on this operation as well as its’ infl uence on military science.
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