The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac № 14

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Product code: 00187

ISBN: 2074-0921

Publish year: 2017

Genre: History, Military literature, Periodicals

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac № 14

Editorial staff: Oleh W. Feschowetz, Alexander H. Diedyk, Mykhailo W. Slobodyanyuk
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Military and historic periodical (founded in 2009) aimed to consider important military and political events that produced a notable impact on development of culture and arts, science and technologies, and warfare in Ukraine. In this issue: ontinuation of the research on the 1809 Battle of Galicia; on numerical strength and disposition of the Ukrainian Army in Lviv on November 1, 1918; on the crossing of the Carpathians by the soldiers of the former Galician Army under General Kraws in 1920; 17th Heavy Panzer Division of the Prikarpatskii Military District in the strategic planning of the Soviet military command; underground activity of the Ukrainian Military Organization revealed by materials of the National Archives of the Czech Republic; the Ukrainian soldier of the Polish Independent Highland Brigade awarded the Norwegian War Cross; unit number on military uniform buttons of the Austro-Hungarian Land Forces; critical study of the new insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; review of the book on the military history of the 85th Maramoros-Ugocsa Infantry Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian Army.
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