The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac. Year 2012, Part 1 (7)

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Product code: 00099

ISBN: 2074-0921

Publish year: 2012

Genre: History, Military literature, Periodicals

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Amount: 124 pages

Size: 24×17 см

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

The Citadel: Lviv Military Almanac. Year 2012, Part 1 (7)

Editorial staff: Oleh W. Feschowetz, Alexander H. Diedyk, Mykhailo W. Slobodyanyuk
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Military and historic periodical aimed to consider important military and political events that produced a notable impact on development of culture and arts, science and technologies, and warfare in Ukraine. The seventh issue of the Almanac devoted to history of the Austrian Auxiliary Corps under Charles Philip, Prince zu Schwarzenberg, which played a notable role in 1812 Russian Campaign. Special emphasis is laid upon events which took part in the North-Western Ukraine. The material is based on a book of the Austrian Fieldmarshal-Lieutenant Wilhelm Edlen von Gebler written in mid-XIX century. Considering the time passed and author’s specific point of view, Ukrainian editors supplemented his account with valuable scholarly commentaries, additional schemes and materials paying special attention to disputable problems of this semi-forgotten and insufficiently studied campaign. The text is abundantly illustrated.
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