Democratic Policing: Collection of Research Articles

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Product code: 00051

ISBN: 978-966-8657-76-4

Publish year: 2011

Genre: Political sciences

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 492 pages

Size: 22×15 см

Democratic Policing: Collection of Research Articles

O. M. Bandurka and G. Perlin, general editors
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The collection introduces translations of articles written by world-known specialists from Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Canada, and the USA that are devoted to the wide spectrum of problems related to democratic policing. The articles deal with principles (rule of law, accountability of law enforcement bodies etc.), current tasks (policing in multicultural societies, policing of protest actions, systematic deterring of trafficking in human beings, building of public trust etc.), difficulties within law enforcement agencies (police crimes, corruption etc.) and ways to resolve these difficulties. The collection introduces high-quality articles not previously available in Ukraine or any other newly independent state. It contains both empirical material and theoretical concepts to stimulate development of new approaches that will help explain not only the current status of the Ukrainian law enforcement system but also those possible problems awaiting it on its way to further democratization and integration into the European and global systems of policing.
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