Dynamics of folklore tradition of Liutovyska and Bylychi villages in the region of Staryi Sambir

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Dynamics of folklore tradition of Liutovyska and Bylychi villages in the region of Staryi Sambir
Mykhailo Khai, Lidiia Fedoronko

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The collection presents an interesting example of ethnomusicological research «in the footsteps» of a well-known Ukrainian folklorist, Doctor of Arts, professor Mykhailo Osypovych Khai carried out by him together with a pupil of the famous ethnomusicological school Sofi a Hrytsa, a Candidate of Arts Lidiia Romanivna Fedoronko aft er 45 years since first folk records in this territory. Through the example of over hundred songs and a few sporadically taken patterns of traditional instrumental music the researchers attempted to do a scientific restoration of the intonation thinking modus of the ancestral villages of the folklorist — Liutovyska and Bylychi in the region of Staryi Sambir that belong to the under explored and interesting from the dialectology point of view border zone of Boykos Piedmont and Sian Region. The content of the sheet music can be of scientific and popularly-educational interest for scientists-ethnomusicologists, historians of folkloristics, researchers of a particular region, students of humanitarian profile, philologists and musicians-dialectologists, composers and performers of folk style.
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Mykhailo Khai (1946‒2022) — a Doctor of Arts, professor, head of the department of ethnic musicology of Maksym Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, well-known Ukrainian lira and bandura player. More details
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