The Children and Juvenile Psychotherapy: Theory and practice

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Product code: 00045

ISBN: 978-966-8657-34-4

Publish year: 2009

Genre: Psychology

Age categories: Adult

The Children and Juvenile Psychotherapy: Theory and practice
Галина Католик

Edited by H. V. Katolyk
This collective monograph highlights professional aspects of the ways and methods children, teenagers and youth should be treated in the context of psychotherapeutic and psychocorrectional help. It contains scientific researches made by psychotherapists, practicing psychologists, and specialists who study and work with psychological and psychosomatic problems of the defined age categories; descriptions of practical experience and theoretical principles in different spheres of professional activity; and reports made on world and European congresses. The emphasis is made on less known sides of child-society interaction, meaning on specificity of society’s transformations reflected in a dynamics of youth psychotherapeutic group; on folk myths as a psychological factor of youth identification; on prenatal mother-child connection; on the figure of a man in the context of maternal identification of a woman; on a critical teenagers’ «migration » towards maturity and «wars» with society. Abundant in theoretical and practical materials, the book will be helpful and interesting for practicing specialists as well as for scientist.
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