The Children and Juvenile Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice in Modern Scientific Research

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ISBN: 978-966-8657-90-0

Publish year: 2012

Genre: Psychology

Age categories: Adult

The Children and Juvenile Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice in Modern Scientific Research

Edited by H. V. Katolyk
This book highlights many aspects of working with children, teenagers and youth in the context of psychotherapy and psychocorrection. It contains scientific researches made by psychotherapists, practicing psychologists and other specialists in psychological and psychosomatic problems of the above mentioned category of clients; descriptions of practical experiences and theoretical principles in different spheres of professional activity and World and European Congresses reports. The emphasis is laid on little-known sides of children-and-society interaction, such as specificities of social transformation reflected in a dynamics of juvenile psychotherapeutic group; folk lore as a psychological factor in personal identification of youth; mother-child prenatal connection; breast-feeding problems; causes, teenage anorexic disorders; specificities of cognitive development and development of autistic children; a man as a factor of maternal self-identity of a woman; a painful experience of a psychotherapist while dealing with orphans; teenagers` crisis: migration and social wars; working with parents. A separate chapter is dedicated to the efficiency of psychotherapeutic treatment. The book will be useful and interesting for scientists, practicing psychologists, and for all those who would like to try to resolve their family problems by themselves.
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