The Mirror of Death

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ISBN: 978-617-664-229-9

Publish year: 2021

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 208 pages

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The Mirror of Death
Miguel de Unamuno

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The Mirror of Death is 27 short stories, originally published in various newspapers and magazines over two decades, which Miguel de Unamuno himself prepared for publication under one cover in 1913. Some seem to continue, expand and supplement plot lines, philosophical considerations and psychological portraits from other textual paintings of the writer, while others surprise with an unexpected theme or point of view. These are stories of life and death, reflected in each other, and therefore of reality and the afterlife, sentimentality and irony, children and those who are in their late years, love in its various manifestations. But there are also the intellectual’s reflections on politics, society, and finally the mystery of creativity. This is perhaps the most interesting guide to the unique images and ideas of the great Spanish writer and philosopher.
About author
Miguel de Unamuno (1864–1936) — a Spanish philosopher, writer, social activist, professor and president of the University of Salamanca. His world view can be classified as existentialism, however he not attributes himself to none of trends of popular in his days philosophizing, in politics ― of party, and in literary works ― of genre. More details
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