Erebos: A thriller

Erebos: A thriller Ursula Poznanski

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At first, Nick is surprised by the sudden change in behavior and secrecy of some of his classmates, but at last he finds himself in the space of the mysterious computer game «Erebos» as well. But the tasks and quests are not only becoming more complex — some of them, senseless at first glance, must be performed in real London life, and «Erebos» grants even Nick’s voiceless wishes for his skill, it knows his friends, his sympathies and even fears. But if you lose, then you lose definitively — there is no return to the game. Then is it possible to cross your own conscience, to lose friends for the game? Where is the boundary between the virtual world and the real one? What is behind «Erebos»: mysticism or still unknown technology? А reader will find answers to these questions, together with the sixteen-year-old Nick Dunmore.


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Product code: 00207

ISBN: 978-617-664-159-9

Publish year: 2019

Genre: Children's and Youth Literature, Fiction literature

Age categories: Children

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 20×13 см


Game vs Reality

By Bohdan Pastukh


A rebellion, social protest, challenge now become a superfluous waste of energy for a schoolboy or a schoolgirl, which nobody will ever appreciate. The boring monotony of the ordinary course of life, which is measured for the eyes of a teenager only by the “now-time”, pushed him or her always to defy the annoying everyday life, to look for adventures, no matter how these adventures seemed to be crazy in the estimation of adults. And this teenage nature could not be changed.

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To Come In or Go Away

By Olena Ryzhko


I became interested in the novel for two reasons. Firstly, this is the literature for teenagers that is the subject of my professional studies. And secondly, the central theme here is computer game addiction and its consequences that correlate with my key theme as a writer, because I write mainly about human relationships in the era of technologies, in particular the threats to teens with which the Network is fraught.

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Playing Reality

By Anzhela Dmytriv


Ursula Poznanski’s “Erebos” is exactly what I needed right now. This novel was in my hands at the time of our “clash” with “bloggers” who are not quite aware of the consequences of their hobbies.

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Literature Digest

Top 5 Epatage Books that Will Impress You


The epatage, exotics, and originality of books have never been lacking in literature, but their present-day actuality speaks for a deeper crisis than just an author’s desire for scandal for the sake of popularity.

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Mustread of the Month: What Bloggers Read in July

By Serhiy Zavalko


An interesting teen thriller. One can look at the game and real life through the eyes of the main character. The book will be interesting for gamers and anyone who enjoys virtual entertainment. They all will learn how important it is to be able to stop in time. Otherwise, you can break your life, and not just your own.

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Top 10 Foreign Books of 2019

By Ihor Bondar-Tereshchenko


Most of the books in this review are contemporary literary sensations, world bestsellers, and finally a translated cult classic. Genre also has a great variety: a love drama and a psychological thriller, a historical detective and an action movie about the future.

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Ursula Poznanski’s “Erebos”: the line between the virtual and the real world

By Serhii Zavalko


Computer games are a painful topic for parents. In the age of advanced technology, it is easy to dive into the virtual world, especially for children who are open to everything new. But if you get carried away, games can be addictive. Ursula Poznanski’s novel “Erebos” is about this (Astrolabe Publishing).

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Hitler and Vampires. Five Unusual Books of March

By Ihor Bondar-Tereshchenko


The strangeness of the books in this review consists in the “inconvenience” of the topics covered. In fact, their mysteriousness, adventurousness, subjectivity. However, almost everything in these stories has a real basis.

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If You Have a Book, You’ll Never Be Alone



On March 7, 2019, a meeting with Bohdan Pastukh, Editor-in-Chief of the Astrolabe Publishing, took place at Dolyna general school. Pupils who wrote their reviews on the website of the publishing house received Ursula Poznanski’s book “Erebos” as a gift.

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By Vita Makaryk


A little spooky virtual reality at night? ;). Ursula Poznanski’s “Erebos”, produced by the Astrolabe Publishing, is a very cool young-adult tech-thriller about an exciting, mysterious and dangerous computer game that spills over into reality.

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