The European Law

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ISBN: 978-966-8657-29-0

Publish year: 2009

Genre: Law, Tutorials

Age categories: Adult

The European Law
Рудольф Штрайнц

Streinz R. (Translated from German by Katerina Kotiouk)
This book written by Rudolf Streinz, a professor in the University of Munich, is one of the best university textbooks on the subject and has run into 8 editions. It is organized around the law of the European Union and the law of the European Communities as its essential foundation in particular. The textbook is based on the legislation brought into force after the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Treaty of Nice. The author takes into account different changes that appeared in the process of expanding the EU, gives numerous examples of some specific juridical cases, and provides a detailed bibliography to each topic. The book leads its readers into the vivid process of the EU formation and establishing of its legal framework. It is conceived not only as a textbook for students but as a reference book for Ukrainian postgraduate students, persons working for doctor's degree, researches, and practicing lawyers as well.
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