The Famine – Requiem (A book of engravings)

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Product code: 00090

ISBN: 978-966-8657-54-2

Publish year: 2010

Genre: Arts

Age categories: Adult

The Famine – Requiem (A book of engravings)
Володимир Лобода

Loboda V.
16 engravings – that’s quite a few. And all of them depict a painful life, a life under a cross. And a cross here is a symbol of suffering. The last, the concluding one, shows a warrior with a sword (Hope!) which stands for the sign of the greatness of a man, his beauty, and the pathos of eternity. Each engraving has an accompanying poem. An artist speaks capaciously, significantly, her metaphors are rather intellectual. Because a true artist is at once a poet who embodies poetry in  a rhythm, a line, a stain. And in this book the lines, the coloures and the melody of "Requiem” symbolize the victory of beauty, of kindness, of life over death.
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