Group Psychoanalysis: Theory. Technique. Application

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Product code: 00046

ISBN: 978-966-8657-17-9

Publish year: 2006

Genre: Psychology

Age categories: Adult

Group Psychoanalysis: Theory. Technique. Application
Alfred Pritz, Elisabeth Vykoukal

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Passing through different spheres of the group analysis the readers will be able to get acquainted with the basis of this special psychoanalytic discipline. In their articles famous group analytics explain theoretical and practical foundations of the group psychoanalysis: group analytic models, questions of setting, typical processes, love in the group, etc. Demonstration of the application sphere allows having a look into unknown areas of the group analytic landscape, like work with psychotics, therapy with couples and old people, guardian groups for homeless people, experience with multicultural groups, etc. Comprehensive examination of theory and practice from the point of view of classical and modern theories makes this book an indispensable base for the group analytical practices.
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