When I recall, my heart is sinking, Pomoriany, Pomoriany. Area essays

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Product code: 00263

ISBN: 978-617-664-193-3

Publish year: 2020

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour and Black & white

When I recall, my heart is sinking, Pomoriany, Pomoriany. Area essays
Teodor Gudziak

Teodor Gudziak
The book is written in the genre of essays on local history. It tells about a small area of Galicia united by the joint name of Pomorianshchyna. The author collected the information material by the method of “living history”: on the basis of his own memories, accounts of his relatives, friends and fellow countrymen. For the illustrated part he used his personal photo archive, which was considerably replenished during the preparation of this edition, in particular after the first posts of its various chapters on the personal Facebook page. In this way a lot of adjustments were obtained, which were also taken into account. Designed for those who are convinced that there is no future without a past, who are interested in ethnographical memoirs, history in general and local history in particular. The book can be informative and useful not only to former and current residents of the area, but also a much wider range of readers, because the subject is covered in a generalized way. Descriptions of events, historical facts, trends, narrated here, are characteristic of other parts of Galicia, related by the shared history, as well.
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