Japanese Private Business Development Phenomenon

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Product code: 00108

ISBN: 978-966-8657-30-6

Publish year: 2009

Genre: Economics

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Black & white

Japanese Private Business Development Phenomenon
Ярослав Кашуба

Yaroslav Kashuba
In this monograph an author deals with the peculiarities of private business development in Japan; highlights the basic principles of creation and functioning of microenterprise, small and large-sized enterprises; substantiates the grounds of formation of the state pol­icy concerning the development of private business and the ways it is realized; analyses contents and forms of private business regulation and financial support taking into accaunt particular qualities of Japanese tax and management systems. At the same time Yaro­slav Kashuba studies Japanese progressive experience in the sphere of establishing legal grounds for organizations aimed to support the development of private enterprise.
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