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Georg-Franz Kultchytzky, the Hero of the Vienna Defence 1683 (Mytsko I.Z., Paslavsky T.V.) - Astrolabe Publishing
Georg-Franz Kultchytzky, the Hero of the Vienna Defence 1683

Georg-Franz Kultchytzky, the Hero of the Vienna Defence 1683 Mytsko I.Z., Paslavsky T.V.

The book is dedicated to Georg-Franz Kultchytzky – the Ukrainian who is still almost unknown in Ukraine. During one of the most dramatic periods of the European history, this heir of the old Galician boyar family became famous in Europe thanks to his heroic deed, and – as the tradition witnesses – started to promote coffee, a drink favoured by many of us. Numerous documentary testimonies, illustrations, folk songs, and memoirs of the very Kultchytzky published during the Turkish siege realistically represent our famous compatriot in the context of the 17th century events.


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Product code: 00088

ISBN: 966-8657-11-X

Publish year: 2007

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

Size: × см

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