Ice: Novel. Parts I–II

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Product code: 00202

ISBN: 978-617-664-150-6

Publish year: 2018

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 608 pages

Size: 22×15 см

Ice: Novel. Parts I–II
Jacek Dukaj

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The Tunguska catastrophe in 1908 turned into the fact that the terrains of Eurasia were occupied by the Chills that freeze everything: from metals to history. The Great War did not take place, and Russia remained an empire under Ice, fabulously rich in valuable minerals with incredible qualities. Members of the Polish underground continue to compete for the independence, and one of them, having wound up in katorga, seems to have learned to speak with the Chills and became a hero of legends under the name of Father Frost. The tzar’s political police, in order to use Father Frost for their own purposes, sent for a meeting with him his son, a young Warsaw mathematician and desperate gambler Benedykt Gierosławski. His journey by the Trans-Siberian Express will turn into a stunning adventure, and what is more, he will meet his great love.
About author
Jacek Dukaj (b. 1974), a contemporary Polish writer who mostly works in the genre of science fiction. He studied philosophy at the Jagiellonian University. Awarded numerous literary awards, including the European Union Literary Prize (2009). More details
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