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Product code: 00027

ISBN: 978-966-8657-82-5

Publish year: 2013

Genre: Poetry

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Black & white

Igor Kaczurowskyj

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This is a first book of «Ars poetica» series, established by Astrolabe Publishing House, and a fi rst retrospective edition of a famous Ukrainian poet Igor Kaczurowsky, a leading representative of Ukrainian Neo-Classicism and a heir to poetic traditions of Mykola Zerov and his school. Th e poems in the book are selected and ordered by the author himself: these are parts of poetic collections published in Saltzburg, Buenos Aires, Munich, and Kyiv that have already become bibliographic rarities and previously unpublished ones. Th ese verses refl ect a career of the poet during more than seven decades — since 1936 till 2013. Some separate chapters contain his poems written in Russian and Spanish and a number of Kaczurowsky’s new translations and translations of his verses into foreign languages. «Lyrics» by Igor Kaczurowsky accompanied with a foreword by Volo dymyr Bazylevsky and the poet’s own aft erword will bring a reader to the world of true poetry which makes us forget all space and temporal limits of our life.
About author
Igor Kaczurowskyj (1918–2013), an eminent Ukrainian poet-neoclassicist, novelist and short story writer, translator, literary scholar and literary critic, university lecturer, journalist. He spent most of his life in exile working as a port labourer, lecturing on Ancient Ukrainian literature at the Catholic University and on Russian literature at the University of El Salvador, both in Buenos Aires, on history and theory of literature at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich; also he wrote and broadcast literature reviews at the Ukrainian Desk of the broadcasting service Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty. More details
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