The First Million. Dzhokhar Dudaiev

The First Million. Dzhokhar Dudaiev Alla Dudaieva

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The main subject of Alla Dudaieva’s book The First Million which is dedicated to her husband, the first president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudaiev, is the fight of the Chechen people for their freedom which is personified in him.
It is not only a diary where the events of the times of gaining th independence and the First Russian-Chechen War are recorded. It is a historical and philosophical digression as well which reveals the spirit of the Chechens, explains the sources of their unprecedented courage in the struggle for their land.
Alla Dudaieva’s book written in 2000s reveals the methods and mechanisms of actions of the aggressor who has come to the Ukrainian land, too, — the Kremlin, the Russian “party of war” and its intelligence services. The methods of information war, propaganda, military actions are not changed through decades: it has been manifested during the Caucasus wars and in Ukraine of today. The Chechen experience in the struggle against the Russian aggressor is exceedingly valuable because of the severe reactionism, inspired and fully supported by Russia, which reigns now over the Chechen Republic. That is why there are so many Chechens in the ranks of armed defenders of Ukraine. Because we have the same enemy.


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