City of Bohane: A Novel

City of Bohane: A Novel Kevin Barry

Print Edition (320 pages)
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2053, the post-apocalyptic West Ireland. Logan Hartnett, the charismatic leader of the Hartnett Fancy gang, has ruled the city of Bohane for many a year, and doesn’t intend to let go of power anytime soon. There are challenges though: his long-time rival returns to the city after long exile, a competing gang from the destitute Rises in the north begins to beat war drums, and his own subordinates have started to scheme. Will he manage to retain his power, or at the least to keep his head on his shoulders? And does the city of Bohane, enamoured with the lost time and divided between several clans, have a future?


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Product code: 00208

ISBN: 978-617-664-128-5

Publish year: 2019

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Size: 20×13 см


The Village

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According to the plot, we have a post-apocalyptic reality where there are no cars, and people, like in times gone by, listen to radio, and gangs fight with knives. The secret ruler of the city, the Albino, aka the Long Fella, aka Logan Hartnett, falls from power. To save it and calm in the Bohane, he applies a series of intrigues.

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An Irish Novel about a Town of the Future Governed by Hipsters: a Review of City of Bohane

Posted by Yulia Dutka

April 2, 2019

The first experience is not always successful, but the book that discovered the phenomenon of Irish novel for me was so magnificent that to write about it adequately, without interspersing the text with the exclamations “You cannot imagine how cool it is!”, or “Drop everything and read City of Bohane”, would be difficult.

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