Mykola Budnyk and Kobzardom

Mykola Budnyk and Kobzardom Mykhailo Khai

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The book presents to interested readers a new unique view of one of the most unique phenomena of Ukrainian traditional culture — the art of kobza and hurdy-gurdy playing. In the light of the worldview of a legendary Grandmaster — Guild master of the Kyiv kobzar guild Mykola Budnyk and also the authors own observations and experiments with the multi-communicational and active cooperation of the Master, the author comes to the weighty conclusions concerning the historical nature of kobzar practices in Ukraine, the genesis and evolution of accompanying instruments — husli, authentic bandura, the Veresai kobza, hurdy-gurdy and the performed repertoire. He also traces the difficult path of the genesis and evolution of modern forms of scientific performance reconstruction.
The book is an important step in understanding the principles of epic tradition exploited by itinerant bards of Ukraine. It contains constructive criticism of modern so-called «academic» bandura playing and debunks numerous myths and romantic quasi-scientific «truths» regarding kobzardom. The views expressed here, hypotheses, theoretical reflections on Budnyk and kobzardom will be useful for young researchers, artists, reenactors, composers, students of universities and schools and the appreciable cohort of students and supporters of this highly spiritual aspect of Ukrainian traditional culture.


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Publish year: 2020

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