Peace in War: A Novel

Peace in War: A Novel Miguel de Unamuno

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Peace, as Miguel de Unamuno writes, sprouts from the struggle for life, and war can be understood and justified only in the core of the true and deep peace. In fact, these paradoxical, at first glance, words make sense in this novel, the first one (1897) among the works of the famous Spanish writer-philosopher. The events that formed the basis for the plot were the last Carlist War as well as, in particular, the siege of Bilbao which the author himself survived and remembered while still a child. Hence there is the precision of the description of the life of common Biscayans, their identity and world outlook. But the conflict of the novel develops not only between the сarlists and liberals, but also between city and countryside, between farmers and traders, between religious and social rules and impulses of flesh. And above all there is the search for peace, and primarily the peace with oneself.


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Product code: 00228

ISBN: 978-617-664-190-2

Publish year: 2019

Genre: Fiction literature, Military literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

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Cʿawd Tanem in Spanish

By Bohdan Pastukh


This is a story that involve in its plot a huge layer of history relating to the Third Carlist War in Spain and the defense of the city of Bilbao. But not war, after all, is the main point of observation here; it merely acts as a catalyst for human souls, and this process is studied in detail by the author in his novel. War develops and accelerates the speed of internal growth of a person, makes him or her insensitive to unnecessary things, creates completely different directions of thinking about life and death.

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October 10 Books

By Anastasia Herasymova


And to add a little weight to our informal selection of novelties of fiction, let’s turn to the classics. Miguel de Unamuno is a Spanish philosopher, writer, and public figure who has found himself in exile for his views.

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