Parties and the Electoral Politics

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Product code: 00062

ISBN: 966-8657-07-1

Publish year: 2005

Genre: Political sciences

Age categories: Adult

Parties and the Electoral Politics

Romanyuk A., Shveda Y.
Being based on the generalization of the most contemporary foreign and Ukrainian scientific researches the monograph analyses the role and the place of political parties in the contemporary representative democracy. The approaches to the definition of political parties, their typology, their electoral function and electoral strategy, participation in the formation of the main institutions of the political system are examined. The book also presents the main types of electoral systems and their political consequences, basic regulations of the theory of the party coalitions, specifics of the development of political parties and party systems of the countries in the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine. The families of political parties, mechanisms of formation, rights and powers of the institution of president in the world and in Ukraine are considered.
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