The First Polish Constitution (1791): Attempted Legal Analysis

The First Polish Constitution (1791): Attempted Legal Analysis Petro Stetsyuk

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The book gives a profound analysis of the historic background in which the first Polish Constitution (the Government Act, 1791) had emerged and describes some specific features of its adoption. Also available are the in-depth study of political and legal matters in the Constitution and the consideration of its importance from the viewpoint of constitutional development in Central and Eastern Europe. A text of the Constitution is first published in Ukrainian. The book is intended for lecturers, candidates and students of law colleges and all who interests in the history of the Polish Constitution and in theory and practice of European constitutionalism.


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Publish year: 2010

Genre: Law

Age categories: Adult

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November-December 2011

The book by Petro StetsiukThe First Constitution of Poland (1791): an Attempt of Legal Analysis, published by the Astrolabe Publishing, Lviv, is a quite remarkable phenomenon in Ukrainian legal thought regarding European and, in particular, Ukrainian constitutionalism.

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