Care Of The Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth And Sacredness In Everyday Life

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Product code: 00268

ISBN: 978-617-664-182-7

Publish year: 2020

Genre: Psychology

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

Amount: 448 pages

Size: 20×13 см

Care Of The Soul: A Guide For Cultivating Depth And Sacredness In Everyday Life
Thomas Moore

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Care of the Soul is a bestseller by the modern American psychotherapist, a former monk, Thomas Moore (born 1940), which has sold millions of copies worldwide. This is a powerful and inspiring book that offers a new approach to understanding everyday life, its problems and creativity. Care of the Soul will help to better understand emotional problems and recognize the sacred in everything familiar: friends, communication, work and experiences that remain in our memory and touch our hearts. In creating this book which analyses the links between spirituality and problems of individual and society, Thomas Moore relied on his own experience as a psychotherapist, on his experience of teaching the psychological doctrine of Carl Gustav Jung and teaching art therapy as well as on his own religion and art research.
About author
Thomas Moore (born 1940) is a modern American Jungian psychotherapist and writer. In his youth, he was a monk — he lived in the monastery of the Order of Servites for more than ten years. He received a broad education: he has degrees in theology, musicology, religion, studied archetypal psychology directly under the guidance of James Hillman. More details
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