Sandy Mountain

Sandy Mountain Joanna Bator

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The tangled paths of fates of the people pushed from their houses by the war gather in a small miners' town in the West of Poland. Everybody looks forward his or her stake of happiness at a new place: someone tries to find treasures of former habitants of the town, and another tries to attain the heights of miner's career, someone connects changes in her life with a happy meeting with some foreigner, and another connects that with refantasizing the past pasting her own photos to someone else's family album. But painful inheritance of generations commands all of them invisibly misleading them during decades, and that reachs a high point in Dominica who, probably, nevertheless will managed to open a door to new life...


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Product code: 00125

ISBN: 978-617-664-065-3

Publish year: 2015

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult

Cover: Hardcover

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Women in Sands

Posted by Hanna Uliura

May 17, 2016

Grandfathers toils, parents live in luxury, grandchildren go begging. This old jest clearly illustrates the dynamics and conflict of generations. According to the genre requirements of family novel, this triad already may sound like this: grandparents make a so-and-so cultural revolution or become its victims, parents resist the newly created system or promote its development, grandchildren mourn for spilled milk and wandering among the inherited ruins.
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Sandy Mountain by Joanna Bator: A Bright Novel About a Colorless City

Posted by Bohdana Romantsova

March 24, 2016

20-th century is the time of literary works about women. In every third (if not second one) novel, European authors conceptualize the experience of being a woman. Being-as-another, being-as-herself, being-as-stranger, being-as-sister. Rehabilitated corporeality, rehabilitated identity, attempts to go beyond limits or, vice versa, a desire to outline their own limits, returning to their origins and moving forward — these are the main subjects to which ElfriedeJelinek and ŻannaSłoniowska and Katja Petrowskaja address themselves, and all who are “household names” for modern educated readers.
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Joanna Bator. Sandy Mountain (Joanna Bator, Piaskowa Góra).

Inna Zolotar

February 1, 2016

It is difficult to write about what you flee from, what hurt you and whatyou want to forget…Maybe this is why, in the modern Ukrainian literature,I practically did not find works onthe everyday life of the postwar Ukraine, the life of those numerous mining towns, all the “joys” of developed socialism with its medicine, housing issues, post-war relocations, deficits, and society, cemented with fear, shame andsense of guilt, and the dreams that we will begin a new lifesome day... We were sitting in it longer, and the USSR (the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), in fact, falls only now, therefore, we still cannot writethuswise...
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