Political science: Entering into speciality

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Product code: 00057

ISBN: 978-966-8657-20-7

Publish year: 2007

Genre: Political sciences, Tutorials

Age categories: Adult

Political science: Entering into speciality
Valerij Denysenko, Світлана Матвієнків, Валерій Штерн

Denysenko V. M., Matvijenkiv S. M., Shtern V. J.
The given book may be regarded as one of the first Ukrainian attemps to present an authorised view on a course of political science. This edition familiarizes students with the basis of political science and a place it takes among the other fields of social life; generalizes its stages of development in the world and in Ukraine; grounds the process of its establishment as a course of studies; describes its methodology and its functions in society. The book proves to be useful while working with various special literature (monographs, scientific articles, reference books, dictionaries etc), preparing practical assignments, and getting ready to scientific work in general.
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