Pilgrims’ songs

Pilgrims’ songs Олена О'лір

The recurrent motif of pilgrimage in Olena O’Lear’s collection of poems can be decoded in various ways. One possible interpretation the author suggests by the very title of the book: her pilgrimage is not just a travel to real and imaginary sacred places but a travel to “the blue faraway” of neoclassical poetry as well. The fact that in her work she uses Academic Spelling of 1928 — the same that Mykhailo Orest (a younger       brother of Mykola Zerov) had cherished while being in emigration — speaks in its favour.


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Product code: 00033

ISBN: 966-518-387-7

Publish year: 2006

Genre: Poetry

Age categories: Adult

Size: 10×15 см


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