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Rehabilitated by History. Lviv Region. Book Two () - Astrolabe Publishing
Rehabilitated by History. Lviv Region. Book Two

Rehabilitated by History. Lviv Region. Book Two

The edition as a part of the multivolume non-fiction book series Rehabilitated by History deals with political repressions of Soviet power in Lviv region during 1939–1980s. Archive documents, publicistic and scientific articles and essays expose the political, social and psychological atmosphere of those years, mechanisms of terror and violence in the communist totalitarian system. Memoirs of victims of repressions recreate the scenes of their hard labour in concentration camps of the Gulag, unsubduedness of their spirit, their invincibility in the struggle for independence of Ukrainian state.

The Book Two includes the personalia of former political prisoners of the town of Boryslav and Brody district.


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Product code: 00121

ISBN: 978-617-664-039-4

Publish year: 2014

Genre: History

Age categories: Adult

Size: × см

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