Heart on the Sidewalk

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Product code: 00028

ISBN: 978-617-664-015-8

Publish year: 2012

Genre: Poetry

Age categories: Adult

Illustrations: Colour

Heart on the Sidewalk
Aleksandrs Caks

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The proposed collection of poetry consists of almost thirty verses of Latvian poet-urbanist Aleksandrs Čaks (1901–1950), randomly selected by the translator and lavishly illustrated by the works of Karlis Padegs (1911–1940), a fellow countryman and contemporary of Čaks. Ukrainian readers get a chance to enjoy the image and colour of Riga — a city praised by the poet which he shows either as his protagonist or the scenery or even just a grey background. But most of all the poet seeks to persuade his readers that Riga is not a flat mechanic monster, but a wavering and ever changing living organism.
About author
Aleksandrs Caks (1901–1950) is a Latvian urban poet who is opposed to the rural traditions of Latvian literature. Boldly, sometimes brutally, Caks poetizes the life of the night Riga, the existence of homeless people there, the fate of prostitutes, even listens to the tunes of the municipal sewer. More details
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