Tales from the Perilous Realm

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Product code: 00017

ISBN: 978-966-8657-41-2

Publish year: 2009

Genre: Fiction literature

Age categories: Adult, Children

Tales from the Perilous Realm
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien
This is a definitive collection of J. R. R. Tolkien’s famous shorter works. The five tales are written with the same skill, quality and hallmarks that made Tolkien’s Hobbit a beloved classic. They create such a wonderful world that leaving it is next to impossible. Roverandom is about a toy dog who becomes enchanted by a sand sorcerer and travelling to the Moon and into the deep sea encounters strange and fabulous creatures; Farmer Giles of Ham is fat and unheroic, but — having unwittingly managed to scare off a short-sighted giant — is called upon to do battle when the dragon Chrysophylax comes to town; The Adventures of Tom Bombadil tells about Tom’s many fantastic ad­ventures with hobbits, princesses, dwarves and trolls; Smith of Wootton Major is lucky enough to swallow a magic star which becomes his pass to the Land of Faery; Leaf by Niggle recounts strange adventures of a painter Niggle who sets out to paint the perfect tree. These works are supplemented with the essay On Fairy-stories, which offers theoretical principles of Tolkien’s creative work, with the throughout illustrations and afterword by Alan Lee, and with the intro­duction by the Tolkien scholar and writer Tom Shippey. The collection may be considered an outstanding event for all admirers of true art.
About author
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892–1973) — an English writer, professor of Anglo-Saxon and English languages and literatures in the University of Oxford, creator of epic cycle of Middle-earth. The fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings made him a world celebrity. More details
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